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I help you attract love, luck + financial success in your new venture  


Jet-Setter. Go-Getter. Shape-shifter. Style-shaker. 

Ayo works with joyful individuals with bold ambitions.

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Hi, I'm Ayo and I'm so glad you're here. 

My passion is to help you put the WOW! in your style.

I know I love it when someone says, "WOW! You look great!

Why? Because It means I've made an impact. I've found a way to connect with others simply by living my truth. Your style is one creative way to do the same.

Quick story.

When I turned 18, I made a conscious decision to not define myself by the color of my skin (or anything external) and to become and express my best self. At 18, I knew within my being was a vibrant light that I could shine out to others whenever I CHOSE to do so. I was (and am) so much more than what others have tried to limit me to be.

I learned to look at my ebony-toned complexion as a positive. I can wear the most vibrant of tones. I look amazing in true reds, turquoise, bright pinks, royal purple, and yellows just to name a few.  And I have a smile that can light up a room. 

I've learned to embrace my God-given features.

I've done the inner work to release the negative messages society tried to bind me with.

I've de-cluttered and debugged the negative chatter.

I've released the feeling of not being good enough

I have the tools and the resources to help you do the same.

My channel is personal style.


Why dim your light? 

Why play small? 

Why not show up as the radiant and powerful being that you are?

Why allow those who don't have your best interest to speak dis-empowering words to you?

This is where my business - Style by Ayo comes in. 

My aim is to put the WOW in your style 


You're are a sight to behold. 

You're worth remembering. 

You're worth acknowledging.

You're worth celebrating.

Let's amplify your style! Click here to read more about my style process. 

“Ayo has an uncanny ability to see people for who they truly are and marry that insight with her extensive knowledge of color, style and fashion to help her clients look and feel their very best. I believe that Ayo’s intuition is her greatest asset and that it helps her do well, not only as a style consultant but also as a branding and PR professional.” 

Gayle Goodman - Gayle Goodman Communications

“I like to think of Ayo and I as colleagues in the fashion industry. While I adorn windows, Ayo adorns people! This woman’s breadth of knowledge is astounding for someone so young, but not surprising, as she is devoted 24/7 to her calling. The changes she made in my wardrobe and image have achieved positive results in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Ayo Fashola, and Style Your Star, if your personal style and confidence could use a boost!
Rebecca Phillbrook - WindowsbyRebecca

Would You Like to Work with Me?


As a Style Coach, I use the latest skills and the latest coaching techniques. I use cutting-edge coaching exercises and tools you'll find empowering and enlightening. Above all, you'll have tons of fun and you'll grow. 

Learn how anyone can access the state of inner confidence and grow in self-esteem. True "style" comes from a combination of inner and outer confidence. Style by Ayo is the only specialization which gives you access to both at your fingertips. 

Style by Ayo offers endless possibilities and is always focused on YOU! Whether you are looking for a simple makeover for a special occasion or an inner and outer transformation, as your style coach, I can tailor my range of services to suit your needs.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

I don't just put clothes on your body, I dress your soul~~Ayo