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As a Style Coach™ and a member of the International Association of Style Coaches, I hold the strictest ethical standards and maintain the highest level of client confidentiality. It is for this reason I do not show "before and after" photographs in respect to my client's confidentiality.  

Our relationship is built on trust, support, and encouragement and should not be exploited for a Style Coach™'s own benefit in promoting their business. I only hope that my clients will recommend me to their family and friends. The testimonials below have been shared with permission.

Customer Testimonials


I've been shopping at that store for over 20 years, since I was in graduate school. I've spent a lot of money there during that period of time. This wasn't the first time that I spent $1,000 in the store. However, this
was the first time that I got so much for my money and feel that I didn't make any mistakes. In fact, it was the first time in over 13 years that I felt it was a very rewarding experience.

--Kimberly Holcomb - CFA, CEO Holcomb Wealth Management

I came to Ayo because I was stuck – I had a closet full of black tops and skirts I didn’t feel comfortable wearing anymore. I already started buying colorful shoes and some tops, but I wanted more in my wardrobe like that, but where to begin?

I had an intro appointment with Ayo and she told me why I didn’t feel comfortable in my clothes – I am a confident professional, feeling secure in herself and her skills, and my clothes were professional, but they were for a girl trying to find her way and get approval for the next step of her life. I needed to change my clothes to match me as a person.

After working with Ayo, talk about a shift! My friends and colleagues noticed the difference too! I now walk into a room and command respect and attention. I also can go into a store and easily find clothes that are right for me  - color-wise and style-wise. And people treat me differently – more like the senior professional who knows what’s what, who I am, rather than the junior person looking to fit in and get promoted. And I may dress more mature, but it still looks hot!

It was the finishing touch I needed for me to grow as a person. I’m in a different world these day! 

Ayo, you really did a lot for me in that process. I am a new person – or rather, I’m dressing the person I am, not the person I was. It was a great process/experience for me – I grew a lot and now when I go anywhere I feel comfortable with me, not like I’m trying to hide me.

Thanks, Ayo!!

-Mary Brodie. CEO Gearmark

"I went to Ayo initially for some insight into what to wear and some shopping advice. However, it was an overall transformational experience. It is not just about what you think looks good on you but how it makes you feel. I now make more conscious choices into what I wear everyday based on colors and my body type with styles which will look great on my skin tone and communicate my confidence. 

I truly enjoyed the "Style Your Star" experience with Ayo because I know that my overall image will now represent the stand out brand I truly want to communicate as an inspirational speaker, nonprofit professional and creative artist. Ayo is extremely detail orientated and customizes the experience to each client. It's not a one size fits all approach to styling and the experience with Ayo will make women feel dynamic and empowered to be their fashionably best."

- A.M. Morgan, Morgan Publishing Founder

"My experience with Ayo was Fabulous! After it was all said and done, 9 garbage bags of clothes were removed from my closet and donated to a great organization, Dress for Success. My bags of clothes were then worn as they should be, and not stuck in a closet to collect dust!

I always felt as if "I had nothing to wear." The truth was I had so many clothes that one person could not possibly wear all of them!

They were so crammed in the closet that you could not even decipher a shirt from a pair of pants. Shameful is a good word for it.

I had lots of homework assignments given to me by Ayo before she left. After completing them over the course of a few weeks, I could feel a little spring in my step! Oddly as it seems, it was more of an emotional cleansing for me!

If you have so many things cluttered into one space, how can you leave any room for new wonderful things that are in store for you? I took that lesson into every area of my home as well as my life.

I clean out my closet twice a year without fail and give my unworn clothes a chance to be worn! That is what clothes are for! "

- Carrie Ann Moore, Founder & CEO, Got Big Freight?

"Ayo, I feel I got exactly what I needed for a style strategy and fashion rules that I am able to follow.
I also lost 10 pounds after our consultation and feel that plus my style made a big difference in the way people treat me. I get lots of compliments and have a great boyfriend now, so I feel my goals are achieved. Thank you so much for helping me get there!

- Danielle Glick , President of DGdesign, Internet Marketing Director


"What an absolute Joy to work with Ayo Fashola!  My wardrobe and image needed a “Snap Out of It!”  revamp and update! I am ecstatic with the change I have seen on the outside that now reflects the transformation I have  experienced on the inside! 

Ayo gets to know YOU and understands that our clothes are a reflection of our own personal message and style!  None of this formulated or calculated styling!  I fought the process at first with most of my entire closet being tossed out, but with the expertise of Ayo, her eye for fashion, style and purpose for her clients, my clothes now reflect the authentic ME!  I walk into every event knowing that I am expressing the fullest potential of ME that I can be!

- DeDe Murcer Moffit, Founder, CEO Snap Out Of It Women

"Ayo is a personal branding expert.  She has the unique ability to take the essence of who you are and translate that into a personal style statement so that you can confidently show who you are to the world.  

Ayo gave me the tools to edit my wardrobe and buy only those clothes that fit and flatter.  She introduced me to color so that I am no longer the black suit girl!

She makes shopping fun and simple and has saved me both money and time spent wandering around the mall.   I highly recommend Ayo."

-Andrea Kirsten-Coleman, Communications Professional

Ayo! Thanks for this! I was thinking about you and about how I forgot to send you my thanks!!! Here it is:

Thank you SO much for your consultation! I feel like I got my very own personal “What Not To Wear” session without the wardrobe-bashing from Stacy and Clinton. You gracefully and intuitively led me to release all the clothes that were not serving me well for my higher calling as a public speaker.

I realized that I had more in my closet that I could mix and match than I thought I did and now I can’t wait to wear my “new” clothes. I knew I was a bit bottom-heavy, but now I know what I can wear to balance my figure out and give it the appearance of an hour-glass shape. I love the new look and am receiving compliments on it already! Thanks again for your expertise and your lovely presence. It was very worth it! Looking forward to referring you to my actress friends!

Ms.Leticia Magaña – Actress, The Mary Collins Agency

"Hi Ayo,
Thanks again for shopping with me yesterday.  I’m so glad you introduced me to the world of consignment!  It’s amazing how everything I purchased all works together in color and style.  I feel like I really found some good values and my fall wardrobe will give me many options.  Not to mention how fun it will be to get dressed in the morning!"

-Laura Davis, Marketing Director, HPD Architects

"Dear Ayo,

Thank you for the many gifts you’ve given me.  The greatest of all is the joy you have instilled in my life.  Every day, I see tiny delights you have left in my heart.  Thank you.I wish every woman could experience time with you.  When people ask me what you do, I start out with “image advisor,” then “image psychologist.”  The totally of the experience is so rich, it its hard to explain. 

You helped me recognize and value how I was created in the Master’s image, so that reflecting the core of the “me” He created, is reflecting a part of Him.  The concept of the Rock Star… with the Rock as the Center and me as a little star reflecting Him… will remain with me forever. Suddenly, because of you, I understood the depth of what clothes and fashion and make-up could be… and also saw how they were affecting me and my attitudes even though I didn’t know it.I started out just wanting a clean closet.  You gave me so much more… you gave me a joyful closet!  Every day, I wear only outfits that fill me with joy, that resonate with who I am. 

I am more confident than ever before and so joyously thankful for all you have done for me.  You have changed my life.Please feel free to share this note with anyone.  I want them to know that working with you will be a life-changing experience, far beyond what they expect.YOU are a rock star.

All the best

- Betsey Turner, IGNITE Electricity Director

I just wanted to follow up and thank you for all of your hard work with me.  I cannot recommend your services highly enough! I’m so glad that I worked with you.  You were amazingly patient in helping me identify the best colors for me to wear and my style sense. This was a challenge since I seemed to suffer from “style schizophrenia.”  However, it all makes much more sense now and it is so much easier to look at clothes and figure out whether the clothes fit my style profile.
I love the tools you gave me that  make shopping much more fun (and quicker) by identifying for me the colors types of clothes that work best on my body type.  Now I don’t have to waste any time trying on clothes that would never look good on my body type or colors that will never flatter me.
The shopping was so much fun and I’m much less intimidated by the stores now.  Thanks for giving me the tools to make sure that I look and feel my best every day.  Now the only challenge I have is figuring out which of all of my wonderful clothes to wear on any given day—since they
are all wonderful and all look amazing on me!
This has made my husband very happy because he knows that when I ask “does this look o.k?”, the answer is always yes.  It has made his life much easier. He loves my new clothes and constantly tells me that I look amazing.
If anyone wonders whether to make the investment of working with you or not, my answer is an emphatic “YES.”  While it is an investment, it more than pays for itself by eliminating those costly fashion errors (and my closet was evidence that I have made many!).  Thank you again for all of your help and work with me.  It was a blast and I’m so glad that I did it.
Hope you are doing well and have a great October!

Karen Fitzgerald, Attorney, Kleiman Lawrence Baskind Fitzgerald LLP 

“Upon my initial introduction to Ayo at a women’s networking event, I immediately knew this woman was special. Some people just have that magnetism and magic which lets you know they really know their chosen craft. Ayo has led me through a detailed process to identify my personal brand and how to portray that message through my clothing selections. It’s more than just following trends and getting the right fit in a shirt. I cannot recommend Ayo highly enough to professionals who want that additional edge that well-chosen and self-appropriate fashion and style will bring.”

Wendi R.W. McGowan-Ellis, Editor in Chief Lifestyle Frisco

Ayo and I started work together in 2013 to help me revise and update my wardrobe. Now I know how to shop for clothes! And of course I have a new friend in Ayo and she is absolutely wonderful. I can't recommend her highly enough.

-Beth Kahlich, SEO and Digital Marketing Trainer and Consultant

"I have recently made two posts on "Style", both clothes and make up. I am LOL that I just realized that my former mindset "tomboy, clothes don't make the person, hate shopping, ex-hippie no make-up, still wearing jeans and a t-shirt all the time, don't care for clothes" is a mindset that was holding me back. It's the whole package! It's"me", my biz, my beliefs, my clothes, my everything" that attracts clients and to deny the whole package is to deny clients. I have often heard "we are what we eat" and someone here said, "When I started believing that I was worthy of the best, I began to eat the best". I realized that clothes for me are the same. My new mindset is "I believe I am worthy, I am the best at what I do and I will wear clothes, create my own style and speak my intentions with color to show who I really am and no longer hide behind "blend in black". I deserve to look my best! Thank you, Ayo Fashola! You have enriched my mindset, my life and my business!” 

-Georgia L President of Zengevity (Boston, Massachusetts)

Dear Ayo, 

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the work you’ve done so far in creating a new image for me. Though we’re not finished, I’ve already received many compliments on the actions we’ve taken. 

First of all, I’m more confident and comfortable in my minimized wardrobe. Eliminating those pieces of clothing that didn’t make me “feel like a goddess” has been truly freeing. I spend less time each day deciding what to wear, and I know that whatever I choose will be the right outfit for the occasion. There are fewer pieces to choose from, yet more combinations than I had put together on my own. I really appreciate your help in this area. 

Secondly, the new hair style has been the most significant change to date. I have received compliments from virtually everyone I know that has seen me since the haircut. It certainly has made a difference in my confidence level. It is a style that can go anywhere, anytime. It’s professional and chic, yet can be very natural and casual. Seeing the style on me before actually committing to the cut was extremely comforting. 

Most of all, I appreciate your vision and clarity in creating a professional image that suits me. The descriptive words you use have been exceptionally valuable in helping me pinpoint the image I want to portray. You’ve given me things to think about that help me focus on how I want to come across to others, both professionally and personally. My confidence grows with each session we have together. 

Thank you for all you’ve done. I’m excited about the changes yet to come, and I look forward to our ongoing relationship.

-Beverly Tanel Send Out Cards - Distrubutor

Ayo is so easy to work with and provides fabulous results! She helped me find outfits that looked great and gave me more confidence in situations that I was otherwise uncomfortable in. She saved me an enormous amount of time by pre-shopping.

It was wonderful to walk into boutiques that had everything already on hold for me in my size and then try on things that were flattering and created the image I am trying to project. Her fee was a drop in the bucket compared to the 
amount she saved me on the clothes I chose.”

-Maria Kell Business Consultant Northwest Mutual

“Ayo Fashola . . . did exactly that — help me enhance screaming style!! I have always been a stylish and confident person — and I really appreciate how Ayo took my baseline of talents and strengths and “refined” and “exemplified” them into a BETTER ME — not another ME!!

Also, through her supplemental talents of being amakeup artist — she has offered me wonderful new makeup with Color Me Beautiful and has taught me how to apply it more dramatically to achieve the“VaVaVoom” I so love. . . . I am always getting compliments on how wonderful my makeup looks. Whether you NEED style or just want to REFINE your own —
Ayo Fashola is the ones to do it!! Very pleased!

-Idora Caldwell, President and CEO of Caldwell Creative

I hired Ayo to help me update my image for a new job. I was hoping to have a savvy and honest shopping companion, and to look really fabulous. Ayo provides SO much more than surface updates! Working with her helps me to realize the qualities I admire in others and the image ideals that I most want others to see in me.

My new look will reflect all that is unique about me, and will empower me to maintain my own image in the future. I highly recommend Ayo for image and style work if you want to shine on the inside AND the outside.

--Leslie Berryman, VP, Production Services at The Marketing Arm

I like to think of Ayo and I as colleagues in the fashion industry. While I adorn windows, Ayo adorns people! This woman's breadth of knowledge is astounding for someone so young, but not surprising, as she is devoted 24/7 to her calling. The changes she made in my wardrobe and image have achieved positive results in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Ayo Fashola, and Style Your Star, if your personal style and confidence could use a boost!

-Rebecca Philbrook, President and CEO of Window Works

Ayo offers so much more than superficial fashion consultation. With Ayo – I knew I would never have to worry about cookie-cutter solutions because her comprehensive process helped me to define my personal style and image goals from the inside out. Working with Ayo helped me to understand exactly how to convey my own unique visual statement, how to hone that statement with razor-sharp precision and how to translate it into choices that communicate the message I want to communicate. I loved every minute of working with Ayo and recommend her services unequivocally.

-Maria Walljasper, Systems Consulting Manager, Affiliated Computer Services

Ayo is awesome! I've worked with Ayo on many occasions and she is a pro at what she does. Not only is she passionate about what she does, but she also gives 110% of her time and ideas to make sure that I was satisfied with her services.

I would highly recommend Ayo and the services she provides. Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

-Ayo Dahunsi, Global Tradeshow and Events Manager

Ayo is a Dynamo! She IS style and more than a style guru she is also a branding expert. She knows her stuff and most of all she brings out the best in people. We love Ayo and would welcome another opportunity to work with her again.

-Kevin Walker, Co-Founder Culture Lab Creative

I highly recommend Ayo. She is fabulous, fun and fearless!!! Working with her has made a world of difference in my confidence, perspective and personal effectiveness. I view the time and money I spent with Ayo as an investment in myself and my business.

-Kimberley Holcomb CFA, CEO of Holcomb Wealth Management