style by Ayo

I help you attract love, luck + financial success in your new venture  

As your Style Coach, I believe a woman passes through three essential stages in life. She evolves and grows through each stage to become her magnetic, attractive and most radiant self.

Those three stages are style confidence, feminine radiance and star power. 

Each stage comes with its own rewards and challenges and the process is organic. As your coach, I'll hold your hand through each stage and guide you step-by-step into your power. Working with me through each stage will empower you to become the woman you've always desired to be. 


Style confidence is first about exuding inner confidence!

Style comes from knowing personality, your unique body type, and your fashion style. Style is about bringing it all together and ROCKING IT the only way YOU CAN!

Style shouldn't be forced. It often develops in an organic way, based on your interests, personality, and influences. True style emerges when you've educated yourself and know what works for you and you now have more confidence in your choices. True style isn't just about clothes. It's about you! 

True style means you're confident sharing your own unique point of view, ideas, your gifts, talents, and strengths. It's your unique gifts and talents that will help others reach their goals and potential. It's only then can you reach yours. 


The ideal woman blends her style confidence with her feminine radiance. Confidence is sexy but too much of it can lead to arrogance. A woman who knows who she is has a quiet confidence. 

She allows her feminine radiance, essence, and charm to SHINE. She's CONFIDENT that all the positive energy she puts out in the world will come back to her in many beautiful ways.

It's your birthright as a feminine woman to attract your heartfelt desires. This allows you to be a blessing, asset, and gift to others. This means learning to relax, which isn't easy to do. 

Here, I help you learn how to love your feminine gifts and assets and all that makes you radiant and magnetic. With me, you'll learn how to love your body and all of its curves (no matter your height, weight, or dress size) so you move with grace and ease. 


It's time to play a bigger game. It's time to show up and show out in all your feminine glory.

When you get on stage to share more of who you are, we want "you" to show up, not who you "think" you should be. 

We'll make sure your outer image is a match for how brilliant, fabulous, and magnetic you truly are on the inside! 


Your STAR POWER is that inner light that shines when you blend your confidence with your radiance. 

I do this through a blend of personal styling + life coaching. We blend your inner and outer worlds. It's about feeling good and becoming a woman of gusto, grace, and style. 

Style + Star is on the only specialization that gives you both right at your fingertips. 

Be Confident.    Be Radiant.     Be Powerful.     Be You!